About Us

cute_baby_colors-wideJAGANSINDIA – web application and innovative business solutions company started officially on 30th April 2010. We are creators where we put up your business into online in the form of website. Your presence on online market will ensure to engage always with your customers.

We work with all web and mobile technologies to provide the best business solutions for our clients. Your Applications will be latest cloud technology along with responsive design so that it can fit on wide range of devices (like desktop, PDA, mobile and Tablet, etc.,)

So far we have worked with different domains of clients like Small Medium Enterprise, Medical, Logistics, Finance, Information Technology, public sector, Restaurants and more. Now we are into mobile market to convert all applications into native mobile app so that business can run even from mobile. Since “Future is Web” everything is possible by giving cost effective solutions.

Apart from application development, we are into service line to provide customer support to our clients on their applications for future enhancements on business app or making the presence into different medium. We are having various learning blogs where anyone can learn technologies we do because its “FOR ALL MANKIND”. We have huge traffic on our Electronics Tutorials and Freshers Job blog where users making best of use of it. Open Source blog is still not huge traffic but will be in future. All our new techniques or technologies learning will be posted the blog.

Every project we do have at least one innovation (it may be on technology side or in business side) which showcase something new on your products or business solutions from conventional website. We keep environment into consideration while developing any enterprise application in mind so that it will reduce the usage of papers instead of printing it and reduce CO2 by placing applications into PDA or mobile phones. We make everything digital wherever possible to follow “GO GREEN” methodology to protect our environment.

Our Team

Jagadesh Boopathi, Apps Developer

jagan-profile-150A tech savvy, love to code always, founder of Jagansindia and running it for past 3 years. He is having hands on experience in all flavors of technology and built many ventures starting from a small group social network to a complex e-commerce ventures. He is also serving as a consultant for few technology start-ups in Chennai.

Some of Technology he plays with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, Content Management System, Mainframe(JCL, COBOL, VSAM, CICS), Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, Flash, Visual Effects, Facebook Apps, SNS(Social Networking) Integration, Mobile web development, Web Application Development, Graphics Designer, Animator, Template Designer

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Dhareni Selvan, Quality Manager

dhareni-profileShe plays a major role in delivering the successful tested applications that we deliver to clients for managing their business online. She having 3 years of experience in TSL (Testing Servie Line) by testing small to very complex enterprise application in manual and also in automated testing process.

Apart from quality manager role, she plays a creative graphics designer role for bringing up new ideas to market new products for our clients. This helped increased sales on business during their promotion periods.